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Old Town Canoe & Kayak Factory Sale! at Saco Bound

We have over 300 Kayaks & Canoes in stock!  Many more accessories too including paddles, PFDs, Thule racks and more.  Sale going on NOW at Saco Bound in Center Conway.   Click Here to Rerseve Your Purchase Pay at Pick Up, (discount will be applied at pick up) or Call Us at 888 447-2177 15% Off All New 2022 Kayaks & Canoes in Stock  20% Off Leftover, Blemished Models & Demos 40% Off Used We’ll help you load, (with any reliable system)  Free local delivery.  Delivery to other areas may also be available. A $200 deposit holds your canoe or kayak at our special price for pick up, (within 30 days).  No sales tax!  Offers may not be combined.  In stock items only. Free delivery within 20 miles.  Regional delivery available for an additional fee.

All Saco River Trips good to go

All Saco River Trips good to go! We are in full operation today and through Labor Day Weekend. River conditions are very good. River temps are in the 60s and the flow is moderate for late summer. Reserve today! We plan to run river trips through October, river and weather conditions permitting. Book Here

Where did Summer 2019 go?

Where did summer go? Wow, it sure was a great one but there’s still much more fun on the Saco River to be had. Late summer & early are awesome times to be on the river! River temps are in the 60s right now and the water from Saco Bound to Hiram is good. We are expecting rain tonight, some of which may be heavy. If you have a trip planned, be careful and keep in contact with us to make sure conditions are reasonable to be on the river. As we get into late summer and early fall the average water level is typically lower. The best section of river for tubing, kayaking and canoeing is the Section from Saco Bound and continuing for the next 42 miles to Hiram, Maine. River levels are more consistent and even during…

The forecast is for sun and temps in the 80s

The forecast is for sun and temps in the 80s. What could be better you ask? Summer is in full swing! The forecast is for sun and temps in the 80s and the following week looks just as good! We operate on the best segment of the Saco River for families, tubing, and novice paddlers. The current is about 3 MPH and the average depth is about 3′. The are almost no obstructions just miles of sandy beaches and crystal clear water. Old & Wilderness Systems SALE at Saco Bound …SAVE! … Don’t Pay Retail … Get an Outfitter Price! Saco Bound has been an outfitter since 1972. We don’t sell at the margins regular retailers do, and buy in much higher volume, taking full advantage of manufacturer specials.

Friday, summer arrives!

Friday, summer arrives! We are in full operations! Great river conditions too! Come float the best segment of the Saco.

Saco River Rentals

Beginning this Friday, we will be open for Saco River rentals. This will be our 47th season in operation as the Premier Outfitter in the White Mountains and on the Saco River! The river is running a bit higher than average as rain combined with snowmelt continues. If you have a trip planned for the early season, be in contact with us to check that conditions are appropriate for a recreational excursion. This is especially important if you have kids, non-swimmers, or novice paddlers. Normally, recreational paddling is advisable below 3,000 CFS, (cubic feet per second) on our segment of the Saco. Conditions & Realtime Saco River Data We also suggest that air and water temperature combined total over 100 degrees. This is a basic, general threshold for a reasonably safe trip. Extra caution should be exercised for groups with…

April rains are helping to dissipate the snowpack

The Saco crested at about 2′ above flood stage this past weekend after some heavy rain and snow-melt. There remains a lot of snow in our campgrounds and much more at the higher elevations, spring is taking hold in the Mount Washington Valley. It has been a cold and snowy winter that started early. The April rains are helping to dissipate the snowpack. Now, let’s look ahead to some nice, warm days and good paddling conditions. They’re not too far away! For now, get you best deal on a new, used or demo canoe or kayak at Saco Bound …SAVE! … Don’t Pay Retail … Get an Outfitter Price! Saco Bound has been an outfitter since 1972. We don’t sell at the margins regular retailers do, and buy in much higher volume, taking full advantage of manufacturer specials. Visit our…

River trips in the fall are awesome

River trips in the fall are awesome! The colors are starting to change nicely right with several maple trees in a blaze of color. The days are usually warm with cool nights, great for sandbar camping. There are no bugs and a few other people compare to summer. Most attractions and lodging properties are on off season rates as well. Some leaves are starting to change ever so slightly and there’s a certain calmness that you feel when you’re out on the river. The section of the Saco from our Main Base and continuing for the next 43 miles is some of the best paddlings around. There are almost no rocks and few obstructions, especially on our day trip sections. When the water gets low, it receded onto a channel that easy to navigate. Also, a tradition that comes with…

River conditions are really good right now

It’s in August! River conditions are really good right now. The great thing about Saco Bound day trips is the section of the river on which we operate. When it’s low, the water recedes into a channel. The river becomes more narrow as it shrinks into the deepest part of the riverbed. When it’s higher or the current is moving faster there are very few obstacles and easier paddling conditions. Our section of the river is almost all sandy bottom. There are very few obstructions and almost no rocks. Just miles of beaches and crystal clear flowing water. Pressed for time or getting a late start? Try our New Trip to Paradise Island. It is a quick 1-hour float to one of the coolest spots on the Saco. Land at a huge, sandy beach and walk through the forest to…

Safety is the most important aspect of our business

First a little too dry, now a little too wet. Looking ahead conditions on the Saco River should be great! The muggly and unsettled pattern that we have been stuck in for the past week as dumped several inches of rain in the Saco making the water pretty high. The river has come up several feet. We’re hoping that it will settle down by the weekend. It’s not something that is easily forecasted, but a quick rise in levels is usually followed by it receding quickly as well. More caution is necessary as the volume of water and the velocity of the river increases. Check our Weather & Conditions page for updates or call us. Generally, when the river gets over 1,200 cubic feet per second extra precautions are necessary to be safer. We will usually curtail tube trips first…

Mid-summer conditions now on the Saco

Mid-summer conditions now on the Saco. The best segment of reliable water in our area is the Saco Bound Main base to the Pig Farm. It’s also the best for families, tubers and novice paddlers. At summer levels you may have to drag through shallow spots and expect some walking. The bed of the river has a nice sandy bottom and crystal clear water, so it’s not bad. Pay attention to your direction as you float and look for where the river is the darkest. The course you choose will reduce the amount you have to walk. The good news is when we have dry periods like this there are fewer pesky, winged varmints to bother you. There are also many more beaches. Conditions are low and slow right now until we get rain but it’s still a great outdoor…

Wow, what a week on the Saco River

Wow, what a week! Hot temps and great river conditions continue to bring folks to the River. River temps have now gone into the 70s. Conditions couldn’t be better. Our segment of the Saco is the best section for families and novice paddlers. It offers a nice flow of about 2 to 3 miles per hour and almost no obstructions! The are beaches for miles and the water is crystal clear! Go for and hour, half-day, full day or several days. Leave right from our river side base or float back to your car. It’s all here at Saco Bound!