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River conditions are perfect

Fourth of July Week and summer is in full swing! It’s hot! What better place to be but on the river? River conditions are perfect! Water temps are near 70. Come and enjoy the best section of the river for families, tubing and nove paddlers!

Our 46th season on the Saco River

We are now open for rentals and our 46th season on the Saco River! A Great Holiday Weekend is almost here and conditions are really good! Miles of white sandy beaches, crystal clear water almost no obstructions, and private river access. We do it all. Tube, Kayak, Canoe or take a Stand Up Paddle Board down the best stretch of the Saco from our riverside base. Since 1972, we have set the standard for safe, outdoor, family fun! Also going on now is our annual Spring Sale! All-new, used and demo canoes, kayaks, and SUP boards are priced to go! Don’t miss out, summer is almost here!

Wow, what a great paddling season!

Wow, what a great paddling season! The summer and fall paddling season has been awesome. We have concluded rentals for the 2017 season but the deals continue. This fall we are running an “Upgrade Your Gear” special. It’s simple, bring in your old stuff and we’ll offer a credit good toward the purchase of an updated product. We have it all too! Come and see our selection of Kayaks, Canoes, SUP Boards, Skis, Bikes and accessories for everything. We have new, used and demos available. Don’t miss out! This is the time to buy. Huge sales, no sales tax, free layaway and local delivery.

Canoeing or kayaking on the Saco

It looks like a great weekend for canoeing or kayaking on the Saco. We are seeing some nice colors along the river. We have a great weather forecast too! This weekend looks perfect! River temp is 62 and the average height is just over 2′. So come and do a trip on the Saco River with the experts, Saco Bound. There is no better place to take in the fall colors than from a canoe or kayak on the most beautiful Saco. This weekend looks perfect! 888.447.2177 We are open for rentals sales & demos from our river side base every day during the Fryeburg Fair abd through October!

September is here

September is here and there is a noticeable change in the air. What a perfect time to be on the river! Some leaves are starting to change and the environment is peaceful and quiet. It’s also great time to bring home your own kayak, SUP board or canoe as our end of season sale is going on now. Buy a new, used or demo canoe or kayaks. We also have great deals on new and used stand up paddleboards from Boardworks. You can also try before you buy from our riverside base. It doesn’t matter how you plan to get out on the water this fall, just don’t miss the opportunity. It’s an awesome way to explore nature. We can make it happen as Northern New England’s premier outfitter. On the Saco River since 1972.

Come and float in the Saco River

Summer is here! Come and float the best section of the river for families & tubing. On the Saco, since 1972 Saco Bound operates on the best segment of the river as there are almost no rocks, fallen trees and other obstructions from our riverside Main Base to Weston’s Beach or the famous Pig Farm! You can take your time and enjoy one of the many beaches along the way. Stop and swim, picnic or just take in the scenery. Trips will run daily from 9 to 4 and shuttle pick up’s running until 5:30. We hope to see you on the river soon!

Camp in the Saco River

One of the coolest things about the Saco River is the ability to camp and recreate on sandbars and beaches as you make your way downstream. This is such a great privilege found on no other river around us. The section of the Saco River from Saco Bound to Weston’s Beach and continuing the famous Pig Farm is perfect for Tubing, Families, and Novice Paddlers. It a wide, mostly unobstructed course with miles of beaches and a nice sandy bottom. Daily excursions include 4 different Tube and paddling trips along the segment from Redstone, NH and continuing for the next 13 miles to the private, Saco Bound Landing wilderness campground. The section of the Saco from Swans Falls in Fryeburg, Maine to the take out in Hiram, Maine, (just above the Rte 117 bridge) is the only section where the…

Fourth of July weekend and summer is in full swing!

Fourth of July weekend and summer is in full swing! The forecast is for Hazy, Hot & Humid with temps in the 80s. What could be better you ask? How about an awesome weekend on the Saco River at 40% off! Yup, that’s the deal. Go out for an hour or for a few days, it’s up to you. All Canoes or kayaks are discounted for our notation’s B-day. You can also float the best segment of the river in a tube. Either way, we’ll pick you up when your done and bring you back to your car. Whatever trip you choose it all here … Tube, Kayak, Canoe or Paddle Board from the Premier Outfitter in the White Mountains. Saco Bound on the Saco River Since 1972.

Summer is here!

Summer is here! Well, technically it’s in a few days but the summer heat has warmed up the river nicely over the past several days. After running higher and colder than average for most of the spring, conditions are very good for tubing and recreational paddling along our segment of the river. This year we’ve added a new tube trip to Paradise Island on the Saco River. It a fun, short 1 hour trip to a secluded, private takeout. You can take your time and enjoy one of the many beaches along the way. Stop and swim, picnic or just take in the scenery. Trips will run daily from 9 to 4 and shuttle pick up’s running until 5:30. This is another tube trip only offered by Say Bound. We have the bast segment of the Saco for river tube…

The fall colors are awesome on the river

The fall colors are awesome on the river. The river, while low is beautiful now. Come and take advantage of the fall season in the White Mountains and our huge sale! We sell all of the used and demo equipment including 2016 Demo Kayaks, canoes, mountain bikes, and ski! Great American Ski Our segment of river is best for families and novice paddlers as there are almost no obstacles, rocks or fallen trees. Tubes don’t steer well. The fun of being in a tube is just floating along with the current. Our section of river has a sandy bottom and tons of beaches, swimming holes and reliable water conditions even during the driest periods. Reserve Tubes, Canoes & Kayaks Trips leave from our riverside base all day, every day through October. We are Northern New England’s most complete outdoor outfitter,…

Tube, Canoe, Kayak or try a SUP Board

Tube, Canoe, Kayak or try a SUP Board. We have awesome conditions on our segment of the Saco. Good water conditions, no obstructions, and the best tube trips in NH! Come and float our section of the river and see the difference. Right now, the river is about 70 degrees and flowing about 2 to 3 MPH. The weather forecast looks good for the next several days too. Maybe a little rain late Friday night. Forecast & Conditions Reserve Tubes, Canoes & Kayaks

What a great summer so far on the Saco

Wow! What a great summer so far on the Saco. The best river conditions for tubing, families and novice paddlers is from Saco Bound to the famous Pig Farm. Why… The water conditions are reliable even during the driest periods. They are almost no obstructions, fallen trees, and rocks. Just a beautiful current of about 3 MPH and miles of beaches. Book now!