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Camp in the Saco River

One of the coolest things about the Saco River is the ability to camp and recreate on sandbars and beaches as you make your way downstream. This is such a great privilege found on no other river around us. The section of the Saco River from Saco Bound to Weston’s Beach and continuing the famous Pig Farm is perfect for Tubing, Families, and Novice Paddlers. It a wide, mostly unobstructed course with miles of beaches and a nice sandy bottom.

Daily excursions include 4 different Tube and paddling trips along the segment from Redstone, NH and continuing for the next 13 miles to the
private, Saco Bound Landing wilderness campground.

The section of the Saco from Swans Falls in Fryeburg, Maine to the take out in Hiram, Maine, (just above the Rte 117 bridge) is the only section where the “open camping ” agreement is in place. You’re allowed to camp on UNPOSTED sandbars and beaches only. Remember, you are a guest. So be gracious and respectful.

Contact us and we can reserve the perfect trip for you or just come into our Saco Riverside base and hit the water!

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