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Saco River Conditions & Weather Forecast

Saco River Tubing & Paddling Report

Info & tips for late summer conditions & lower river levels: Trips are taking longer as the river gets lower. The section from Saco Bound to Weston's Beach "holds" water better than most any other segment of the Saco. While on the river, look where you're going. Steer or float where the river is the darkest. Don't cut corners too close to the inside and stay in the "channel" of the river. Don't over pack your canoe, kayak or gear tote. Plan your trip and plan extra time to complete. There may be some segments that require dragging or walking. Trips can be rescheduled or in some cases, switched to a different segment of river. Wind can also be factor when the rive is low. Please see our tubing report for more info.


Water Temp Level Height CFS Notes
58 Summer 2′ 113 Late Summer Water Conditions. Cool, low and slow.



Age recommendations for today: Minimum age 5, Redstone 11.

Saco River Tubing Report 

Saco River Tubing trips are operating daily.  We are not recommending any more Redstone trips until we get some rain.  We recommended Saco Bound to Weston’s or Paradise Island.  This section of the river has the most reliable conditions through the summer. Tubing is best when the water temperature combined with the air temp is above 120 degrees as a minimum.  

Why Saco Bound has the best tubing…

Saco Bound operates on a section of river that is perfect for tubing and family trips.  It’s hard to steer a tube.  So, obstacles like rocks and trees can be a problem.  Our section of the Saco has very few obstacles, especially our 3 mile trip from Saco Bound, (Putin #1) to Weston’s Beach.  This section also “holds” water better and has a reliable flow when the river is at its lowest. Safety, professional service and private, riverside properties further enhance the experience.  So, come tubing with us!

Saco River Conditions Guide – from Redstone/Saco Bound, NH through Fryeburg, Maine

Level Low  Summer Medium High Very High
Cubic Feet Per Second Below 200 CFS 200 to 1,200 CFS 1,200 to 3,000 CFS 3,000 to 4,00 CFS Over 4,000 CFS
Appx Paddle Times (canoes & kayaks) 1 to 2 MPH Max 2 to 3 MPH 3 to 4 MPH 4 MPH +
Appx Float Times (tubes) Less than 1 MPH Around 1 or 2 MPH
Conditions Slow conditions.  May hit bottom or some waking.  Still mostly passable, however.   Many beaches and easy paddling conditions. Great for Tubing! Most typical in July & August. Good for canoe & kayaks.  Some Sections Too fast for Tubing.  Swimming skills necessary.  Use extra caution with young kids. Swift current, experience necessary.  Not recommended for kids or non-swimmers. Potentially Very Dangerous Conditions

Please Respect Nature & Leave NO Trace

Wear your PDF  • Know Before You Go • Use This Report Only as a Guide • River Conditions Can Change • Respect Other River Users

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