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Spring Conditions & Operations

It’s been a rather cool spring so far with a fair amount of rain and snow.  If we all have to be cooped up, I suppose this is a good time to do so.  River levels have been running around average for this time of year, which is a little high compared to early summer levels.   Keep in mind that there is still a decent snowpack at the higher elevations of the Whites.  So when it rains, the river comes up quickly and more than it would without snowmelt.  River temps are in the 40s.  So, hypothermia is definitely a danger should you capsize.  Restrictions for river use and should be lifted and or relax as we go through May.  We remind everyone to distance if they are going out anywhere, even outside.

Adventures in the Saco River

Tube, Kayak, Canoe or try a Stand-Up Paddleboard all from our riverside base on the best segment of the river for families and novice paddlers or tube through the Red Stone Rapids and float directly to your car! The forecast looks like improving the weather as we go through the next several days and temps near 90 by midweek. Saco River water temps remain near 70 and conditions are perfect! Come and check out our kayak sale. Over 300 new, used, and demos available at unbeatable prices and NO sales tax. Check out some of the deals here!

Long weekend on the Saco

Come enjoy the long holiday weekend with us and float down the best section of the Saco River for tubes, novice paddlers and families. To make it even better this Fourth of July Weekend all Kayak & Canoes rentals are 40% OFF! Saco Bound to Weston’s Beach or the Pig Farm offers easy paddling conditions, consistent water levels, and no obstructions. Even during the driest periods. There are almost no rocks. Just a nice white sand bottom and crystal clear water with a perfect 3 MPH current. There are miles of sandy beaches and great places to swim, sun, pickic, or just hang out. Enjoy the long weekend with us and relax on the Saco.

It’s Officially Summer!

It’s Officially Summer! River conditions leaving from the Saco Bound Main Base are perfect! Water temps are near 70 degrees and the flow is perfect for tubing, kayaking, paddleboards, and all family excursions. The section of river from Saco Bound to the famous Pig Farm is the best section for tubes, families and novice paddlers. There are no obstructions and a perfect 3 MPH flow. This section is also very reliable. Even during the driest summers, that water conditions remain great for trips. Get outside this weekend and have fun!

Today’s shot from our Riverside

Today’s shot from our Riverside, Main Base. Perfect Tubing a& River Conditions! This is the best segment of the Saco for Tubing, Kayaking and Canoe Camping on sandy beaches. There are no obstructions, and miles of beaches and nice river flow, about 3 MPH. This is why our 7 mile trip from Saco Bound to the Pig Farm, is so popular. Another amazing trip is to Tube to your car with our Redstone to Saco Bound trip. This segment features nice little rapids and it’s totally fun!

A Great Holiday Weekend on the Saco is Here!

A Great Holiday Weekend on the Saco is Here! It’s going to be like summer a little bit early on the Saco River this weekend. We have river temps in the ’60s and air temps around 80. River conditions could not be better as well. Come see why Saco Bound has been voted the “Best in the Valley” for family Canoe and river trips. Miles of white sandy beaches, crystal clear water almost no obstructions, and private river access. We do it all. Tube, Kayak, Canoe or take a Stand Up Paddle Board down the best stretch of the Saco from our riverside base. Since 1972, we have set the standard for safe, outdoor, family fun!

Wow, what a great season!

Wow, what a great season! The summer and fall paddling season has been awesome and it continues. Trips on the Saco River continue this weekend. The colors are awesome and the river conditions just perfect for a late-season excursion. Don’t miss out! Do a trip or buy your own canoe, kayak, or SUP board. All new used and demo boats on sale! Open daily 9 to 5.

Where did summer go?

Where did summer go? Wow, it sure was a great one but there’s much more fun on the Saco River as we get into fall. It’s a fantastic time to be on As we get into late summer and early fall the average water level is typically lower. The best section of river for tubing, kayaking, and canoeing is The section from Saco Bound in Center Conway to the famous Pig Farm is a perfect trip especially for families and those with younger kids. The Section from Saco Bound and continuing for the next 42 miles to Hiram, Maine. River levels are more consistent and even during the driest periods, offer good conditions for any type of river excursion. There is an open camping policy on most of this section as well. You can camp anywhere on the sandbars and…

Summer is in full swing

Summer is in full swing! The next several days look awesome for tubing, canoeing, kayaking, or SUP boards. Saco River conditions are perfect! Come to our riverside base to hit the water!

Saco River conditions are awesome

Wow, it looks like a gorgeous forecast for the next several days, and Saco River conditions are awesome! Water temps are in the upper 50s and lower 60s. There are many beaches for swimming, picnicking and just hanging out to enjoy the views. Rent a tube or SUP board for a short trip or take one of state of the art touring kayaks for a long, leisurely paddle. Saco Bound will help you get outside in style! All activities are in full swing from our riverside base in the heart of the White Mountains of NH and Maine. Canoe, kayak, tube, camp or try a stand-up board on one of the most magnificent rivers anywhere!

It’s still only May but it looks and feels like Summer

It’s still only May but it looks and feels like summer around the Mount Washington Valley and on the Saco River. Air temps are around the 80s and water temps are in the mid to upper 60s. These conditions are more typical of July than late May. So, with summer conditions comes the first Saco River Tube rentals of the season! Yup, that’s right. Visit the New Saco Bound Tubing Center on the Saco River! We have all the coolest inflatables and tube rentals including tubes with drink holders, tubes with backrests, floating gear totes, floating coolers, and kids tubes from just $10! Adult tubes start at $20 and include the shuttle pick up. Take a leisurely float along the best section of river to tube with no obstructions, plenty of sandy beached to stop, picnic or swim, and nice…

Water levels on the Saco River

Water levels on the Saco River can vary quite a bit depending on which section you choose to paddle and the overall conditions of the season. As we get later into the summer months and early fall, river levels tend to be at the lowest point. Not to worry, however, there is plenty of good paddling around the Saco if you keep a few things in mind. Saco Bound to Weston’s & the Pig Farm trips are of the most consistent with regard to water levels. There are almost no rocks and a sandy river bottom with few obstructions. This segment holds water better and is perfect for tubing, families, and novice paddlers. Sure it’s slower late summer but still really fun! Generally speaking, as you go higher up the Saco River Valley, (predominantly northwest) water levels will be lower….