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Saco River Rentals

Beginning this Friday, we will be open for Saco River rentals. This will be our 47th season in operation as the Premier Outfitter in the White Mountains and on the Saco River! The river is running a bit higher than average as rain combined with snowmelt continues. If you have a trip planned for the early season, be in contact with us to check that conditions are appropriate for a recreational excursion. This is especially important if you have kids, non-swimmers, or novice paddlers.

Normally, recreational paddling is advisable below 3,000 CFS, (cubic feet per second) on our segment of the Saco.
Conditions & Realtime Saco River Data

We also suggest that air and water temperature combined total over 100 degrees. This is a basic, general threshold for a reasonably safe trip. Extra caution should be exercised for groups with kids, nonswimmers & those with little or no paddling experience. Also going on now is our annual Spring Sale! All-new, used and demo canoes, kayaks, and SUP boards are priced to go! Don’t miss out, summer is almost here!

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