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Safety is the most important aspect of our business

First a little too dry, now a little too wet. Looking ahead conditions on the Saco River should be great! The muggly and unsettled pattern that we have been stuck in for the past week as dumped several inches of rain in the Saco making the water pretty high. The river has come up several feet. We’re hoping that it will settle down by the weekend. It’s not something that is easily forecasted, but a quick rise in levels is usually followed by it receding quickly as well. More caution is necessary as the volume of water and the velocity of the river increases. Check our Weather & Conditions page for updates or call us.

Generally, when the river gets over 1,200 cubic feet per second extra precautions are necessary to be safer. We will usually curtail tube trips first as they cannot steer well especially in an increased current. If the river becomes very high it may be necessary to cancel all trips or move to a different segment of the river. The Saco is one of the safest rivers for recreation but it’s still a natural environment and conditions can change quickly.

Safety is the most important aspect of our business.

Since 1972, we have a safety record that is of the best in the industry. Normally, in the summer months, conditions are low, slow, and great for gentle float. Too much rain can make a big difference, however. keep in contact with us so we can help you make good decisions and help keep you and your group safe.

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