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River conditions are really good right now

It’s in August! River conditions are really good right now. The great thing about Saco Bound day trips is the section of the river on which we operate. When it’s low, the water recedes into a channel. The river becomes more narrow as it shrinks into the deepest part of the riverbed. When it’s higher or the current is moving faster there are very few obstacles and easier paddling conditions. Our section of the river is almost all sandy bottom. There are very few obstructions and almost no rocks. Just miles of beaches and crystal clear flowing water.

Pressed for time or getting a late start? Try our New Trip to Paradise Island. It is a quick 1-hour float to one of the coolest spots on the Saco. Land at a huge, sandy beach and walk through the forest to our waiting for the shuttle back to civilization.

We offer the most tube trips and day options for kayaks, canoes & paddleboards. Go for an hour or 2, half-day, or spend all day! Launch from our riverside base with no waiting for a shuttle or float back to your car. Summer is going by quickly so get out there and have some fun! Please remember that reservations are recommended for all programs. Even for those with their own equipment.

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