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Why don’t more people go skiing in the spring?

Why don’t more people go skiing in the spring? The sun is high, temps are usually great for outdoor activity and the snow is soft. Why more people don’t ditch the big, puffy parka, head to the hills, and rip some big GS turns on the corn snow is beyond me. Such is the case with paddling in the fall. Conditions are usually awesome through October but there is hardly anyone out there.

We are starting to see a bit of color on the maples along the river and conditions right now are perfect. As the leaves turn, the brilliant colors reflect off the water making for a fantastic experience. Take a day trip on the river and leaf peep from a canoe. The perspective is unbelievable with no traffic and a tranquil environment to soak it all in. Now, how about fall canoe camping? Think about it; no hot, sticky tent, no bugs, no crowds, what could be better? Take my advice, get out on the river before the snow flies. You’ll be glad you did!

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