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Terms of Service

Saco Bound Info:

Every person in your group that is renting a Saco Bound canoe must read and sign the back of the rental contract and be present at Saco Bound. Please take your contract and group roster with you when you check in at Saco Bound, as it will save you a good deal of time. Do not modify or add any information on your contract, simply read and sign the back. Have a Saco Bound representative change and validate your contract.

Do not unload before check in. We have several put-in locations and parking is located at that point of river access. Weather can greatly affect river levels. We reserve the right to modify or cancel trips due to current or impending weather or river conditions. Age restrictions may also be imposed due to river conditions. In the event of high water or other condition as described above that results in a canceled trip a rain check will be issues for any fees paid. Payment is required at the time of your booking.  Refunds are are offered with no less than 7 days notice of cancelation prior to the trip date.  Rainchecks and reschedules can be made with 24 hours notice.

On busy days, it is better for 1 person to check in for your group with your contract and confirmation packet. Our staff would be happy to help you with any questions or a trip itinerary. Subsequent to check in a minimum of one person from each canoe must be present for our detailed river briefing. If you have your balance ready as stated on your contract and all necessary information prepared you will save time and be on the river quickly, so be organized so you can take advantage of our express check in. Check-in parking is located behind the Saco Bound main base. ABSOLUTELY NO alcohol may be consumed on our property.

We reserve the right to refuse rental to any group. If a group member appears to be intoxicated or your group is rowdy in nature we will not rent to you or anyone in your group. While on the river please respect nature and other people on the river. Those who are disrespectful will be refused for any future excursions.

Unless otherwise approved in advance our canoes or kayaks are for use on the Saco River between our main base and Hiram, Maine only. If you have members of your group with private canoes or kayaks there is a charge for put-in and parking and a pass must be obtained. It is your responsibility to obtain a USCG approved PFD for each person in a canoe. Any person under the age of 12 must wear the PFD while on the river. We will issue PFDs at your put-in and the charge is included with your rental. A Maine state fire permit must be obtained if you plan to have an open fire. These permits can be obtained at Swans Falls Dam while on the river. If you have any fishing equipment in your boat you need to have a Maine state fishing license.

Regular, in-season hours are 9:00 to 5:00 daily. Plan on arriving at a reasonable time to begin your trip. Generally, day trips conclude around 3 PM and last trips for overnight leave between 4 & 5 PM. You must arrive before 12 PM if your reservation is scheduled for a weekend day. Your reservation will be released if you do not arrive prior to noon. There is no camping at any Saco Bound property without first obtaining a camping permit. Groups renting several canoes will be required to leave a deposit of no less than $150.00 as security. These fees will be promptly returned upon your timely arrival and after all rental equipment is returned in good condition. Additionally, should our office receive reports your group was disrespectful or compromised the environment, we reserve the right to donate your deposit to the Saco River Recreational Council for river clean up and maintenance.