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Safety Information

River Conditions & Minimum Age Reconditions

Please always check river & weather conditions before your trip, especially if there are younger children or non-swimmers in your group.  The Saco River is an amazing natural creation that is ever changing.  Travel times, hazards and conditions also change.  As you would expect, during dry periods the river runs more slowly.  After a rain event the river will likely be running more quickly.  All times listed are general approximations based on river travel times during the summer months.  Your time could be different.  We will provide a detailed Trip Briefing upon your arrival.  Here are some resources and additional safety info:

River & Weather Conditions

Key River Points & Rental Contract

River Map

Kayak, Tube & Canoe Trips are running daily.  

We are operating all of our Saco River Kayak, Canoe, Paddle-board & Tubing trips with  continued precautions to keep you safe. We have the systems in place so you can enjoy the river the outdoors safely as we have for over 40 years!  Some trips have modifications and may change with additional guidance.
What We Are Doing:
  • Automatic check-in, direct to river. No need to come inside the store for some trips. This will allow for limited contact with others.  If you do have to come in the store send just 1 or 2 people from your group.  Refer to your Trip Confirmation for direct to river trips and instructions.
  • Most equipment will be waiting riverside.
  • Option to Pre-shuttle your vehicle(s), float back to your own car on several trips.
  • Remote, on river campsites. Either beaches on the river or sites with road access and facilities.
  • All equipment, vehicles and facilities will be disinfected constantly and after all use.
What You Should Do:
  • Reserve online or over the phone. We can help you with all details and plan a great trip!
  • Have a good Group Leader. This could be Mom, Dad or cousin Jimmy. They are the point person who sets up the trip and can communicate all the necessary info.
  • Have a plan and know the plan. Clearly understand your put in location & destination and the scheduled times. It’s not hard. It’s just an awesome float down river!
  • Read your confirmation and booking materials. This will explain all details & directions for Auto-check in and direct to river. We’ll be sure to include some cool pictures.
  • Electronically “sign” your rental contact & release.
  • Keep an appropriate distance from others. There’s plenty of room out there, so spread out. Continue to practice all CDC protocols for everyone’s safety.
  • Reschedule your reservation if you think you might be sick. There are no refunds, however, for reservations that are canceled without at least 7 days notice from the date of your trip.
  • Distance when possible.  Wear a mask when it’s not possible to do so, in buildings and shuttles if you have not been fully vaccinated.

Get Outside & Have Fun Safely!