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It’s still only May but it looks and feels like Summer

It’s still only May but it looks and feels like summer around the Mount Washington Valley and on the Saco River. Air temps are around the 80s and water temps are in the mid to upper 60s. These conditions are more typical of July than late May. So, with summer conditions comes the first Saco River Tube rentals of the season!

Yup, that’s right. Visit the New Saco Bound Tubing Center on the Saco River! We have all the coolest inflatables and tube rentals including tubes with drink holders, tubes with backrests, floating gear totes, floating coolers, and kids tubes from just $10! Adult tubes start at $20 and include the shuttle pick up. Take a leisurely float along the best section of river to tube with no obstructions, plenty of sandy beached to stop, picnic or swim, and nice current of crystal clear water. What are you waiting for in Summer??? It’s here now!

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