Saco Bound has the best tube trips on the Saco River!.

The best and safest family float trips or tube to you car with fun small rapids. You decide and we will do the rest!

Saco Bound to Weston's Beach is a perfect, short excursion down river to a nice family beach. An average 3 mile per hour current, floats you down river to this pristine location. Our shuttle service picks you up and runs just about every hour during the summer. No obstructions, miles of beaches for swimming, picnicking and camping and crystal clear water. These are just a few reasons why our rental service was voted "Best of the Mount Washington Valley" for 2016.

We offer Saco River tubing trips all day and every day in season. Trips depart from our private, riverside base in Center Conway and North Conway. All trips include shuttle service. Options include floating cooler, storage float and dry bags.

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Tubing Day Trips
We make it easy ... come in and let us do the rest!
Trip Description Length
Leisurely Paddle
Time In Hours
Start your Trip
Trip 1 Saco Bound to Westons 3 3 Anytime!
Trip 2 Redstone to Saco Bound 4 4 10:15 AM

Our 3 and 7 Mile Trips are the Best Section of the Saco River for Tubes and Family Trips! Safe, fun no obstacles and miles of beaches. Saco Bound on the Saco River Since 1972. Experience Matters. Voted "Best of the Valley"

Trip 1- Saco Bound to Weston's Beach

3 Hours, 3 Miles

Since 1972 this has been our most popular day trip and now it's perfect for inflatables and river tubing. Excellent for families and younger kids. The mild, 3 MPH current takes you downriver past many great swimming holes and sandy beaches. The destination is also a family favorite. Weston's Beach is a big, beautiful, sandy beach perfect for sunning, picnicking and swimming. Our pick up shuttle runs nearly every hour in season. So enjoy the scenery and leave all the the rest to us.
Trip 2 - Redstone to Saco Bound

4 hours, 4 miles

Redstone to Saco Bound is a great float to your car option. This trips starts at Saco Bound where you can leave your car at our riverside facility and tube back to it at your own pace. Mostly all moving flatwater with one or 2 sections of small rapids. Along the way there are many good beaches.
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