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Saco River Kayak Rental

Our rental staff fits all children personally with the proper sized life vests. All adults will also receive a personal flotation device. Our rental fleet of kayaks is huge. We have over 300 boats for rent, sale and demo. We have the latest recreational kayaks that are short, light and easy to maneuver. Theses kayaks are of the most stable available. They include the Vapor, Cayuga, Tsunami, Dirigo, and Tarpon. We have an extensive fleet of touring kayaks and ones for the more advanced paddler. They have dry storage capacity and track well. Exploring the river in one of our kayaks will make your trip that much more comfortable.

In the Saco there are Brook Trout, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Perch, Pickerel, Small Mouth Bass, Large Mouth Bass and Salmon to name a few. The upper Saco River kayak rental offers can offer nice surfing waves and other fun river elements. Eddy hop rental and ferry Saco kayak to spots in the river that offer majestic views of Mount Washington and the Presidential Range. Kayaking rental is a great and popular activity because it's fun for just about all ages. Take a kayak rental with the entire family or slowly drift down the river solo so you can enjoy all that nature has provided.

Saco Bound makes kayak rentals quick and easy. Saco rental do all the work and have all the fun. Our Saco riverside base has the rental equipment waiting in the water. There are no shuttles necessary to get to the river and you can leave for your trip just about anytime. We offer 15 different trips for anyone to explore the Saco and the river valley wilderness. A kayak is a good way to see wildlife on the river. There are several Bald Eagles in Lovewell Pond and around the Saco as well as many other bird species. There are deer, moose, black bear and many other animals. Saco kayak fishing is comfortable and efficient.

Our rental facilities are designed for the maximum convenience of Saco River kayak rental customers. We operate five riverfront facilities and private rental Saco campgrounds exclusively for our customers. Our shuttle service encompasses over 50 miles of river with 3 full sized busses and 7 other vehicles to insure a well timed Saco rental pick up. Saco River kayak rental supply all that you need including a detailed river briefing. We review river conditions, safety information and outline your kayak rental trip on a map so you know exactly where you are going and what you are doing. The kayaks available include the Casco 100, Casco 120, Casco 138, Old Twin Egret, Dirigo 120, Dirigo 140, Adventure 125, Adventure 139 and the Adventure 160. Tandem kayaks by Old Tow are also available. There is plenty of room for two people and gear. We even have kayaks with removable kid's seats. All these kayaks are excellent for a Saco River trip be it short or long.

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