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Saco River, NH

Saco River Canoe Trip

During low water it is difficult to negotiate a canoe. Canoe put ins and take outs at the Saco River include: Third Iron Bridge, Second Iron Bridge trip, Patches, Humphrey's Ledge, the Gazebo, First Iron Bridge, Northern Extremes, Saco River Family Camping Area, the Beach Campground, Eastern Slope Camping, the Swift River Covered Bridge, and the covered bridges at Davis Park canoe. White sandy beaches line the river for trip miles. One very unique feature of the Saco trip is not only these beaches, but the land owner agreement that allows the public to recreate and camp on the them at no charge. So take advantage of your surroundings and get the full experience

Some river access points listed above are private or commercial. Many are open to the public and free of charge. Saco River canoe trips are fun and easy. You can get shuttles from many locations listed above. It's easy do a trip that ranges from just a half day to a several day excursion. So start planning now. Saco River canoe trips are awesome!

A Saco River canoe trip is a truly unique and special trip excursion. The Saco trip has many different features and characteristics along its 125 mile journey from the White Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean. The most popular part of the Saco trip from Saco Bound in Center Conway to Hiram, Maine is easy for anyone to canoe during the summer under most conditions. This segment trip especially is known for calm, gentle water that is crystal clear.

Most of this canoe section is nice easy paddling on the river. From Davis Park to Redstone there is a great stretch of rapids called Odell Falls. In the spring or during higher water conditions this rapid can be as big as class IV trip. A person canoeing may stop and picnic, swim, fish or just soak up the canoe mountain air as they sun themselves anywhere that is not posted. Saco River canoe trip camping on the beaches is allowed on any un-posted beach or sandbar from Swans Falls Dam to Hiram, Maine. Put in and take out locations for Saco River canoe trip include Redstone, Saco Bound, Saco Pines, Weston's Bridge, the Pig Farm, Swan's Falls Dam, Saco Bound Landing, Canal Bridge, Fiddlehead Campground, Walker's Falls Campground trip, Lovewell Pond, Woodland Acres Campground, River Run Campground trip, Brownfield Bridge and Hiram, Maine.

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