A great camping spot on the Saco River
A great camping spot on the Saco River

One very unique feature of the Saco River is open river camping on pristine white sandy beaches. You may choose an area and wilderness camp on the beaches or sandbars anywhere along the river from Swans Falls Dam to Hiram, ME (approximately 30 miles). There are some places that may not be open to camping. These areas will be posted with "NO Trespassing" markers or signs. The open camping environment is a privilege found on no other river and is a result of cooperative and generous land owners. Please respect nature and leave no trace!

You may also stay at a river-side commercially run camping area for a fee. There is a partial list of these areas below.  Many of these campgrounds have amenities that include picnic tables, fire rings and outhouses. There are no facilities or amenities found on the river banks if you choose to wilderness camp. You must pack out all you bring in and dispose of human waste in the organic layer of the soil at least six inches deep while wilderness camping.

Saco Bound operates two river-side camping areas, Saco Pines and the Landing. Both properties have amenities and docks for swimming. The cost is $10 per person per night. There are special Youth Group rates available. These campgrounds are secured by reservation only and you must obtain your camping permit in person at the Saco Bound Main Base before closing.

An overnight trip can be amazing!
An overnight trip can be amazing!

River Camping Tips

Here are some other quality camping areas:
The Beach, Conway NH - 603.447.2723
Cove Campground, Conway, NH - 603.447.6734
Fiddlehead, Fryeburg, ME - 877.343.3534
AMC at Swans Falls, Fryeburg, ME - 207.935.3395
White Mt.National Forest, Conway, NH - 877.444.6777

Reservations are highly recommended.

Place your reservation for the Saco Bound Pines and Landing camping areas here.

Also make a reservation for the Fiddlehead Campground here.

You can also get Pricing Information here.

The Saco is famous for canoe camping. Miles of white sandy beaches make for natural campsites, a privilege found on no other river. Here is some information on Day Trips.

Overnight Trips Leaving From Saco Bound:
A 2-day trip from Saco Bound usually brings you to Lovewell Pond (22 miles). 3 to 4 days takes you to Hiram, Maine (43 miles).

Saco Bound Landing Base:
Our wilderness campsite facility, 11 miles downstream from our headquarters, has picnic tables, fire rings, toilets, and evening supervision for those preferring not to camp on the river. Setting camp at the Landing before departure from Saco Bound allows you to paddle without carrying camping gear. The take-out for this trip is usually Lovewell Pond. A great spot for youth groups landing! Camping is $15 per person per night. Youth group prices are available.

Canoe rentals and shuttles are available from the Landing. This is a great spot to start a trip, making a less crowded stretch of the river available. Trips to Brownfield and Lovewell’s Pond are also available.

Overnight Trips
Let our expert staff design the right one for you and your group. Enjoy wilderness beach camping or stay at one of our riverside camping facilities.
Leaving from Saco Bound:
Trip Description Length
Paddle Time/
Trip 1 Saco Bound to Walker's 17 Short & Easy
Trip 2 Saco Bound to Lovewell Pond 22 Most popular, pickups every hour on Sunday
Trip 3 Saco Bound to Brownfield Bridge 26 Longest 2-day trip
Trip 4 Saco Bound to Hiram 43 Great wilderness excursion for 3 or 4 days
Leaving from the Landing Base:
Trip Description Length
Paddle Time/
Trip 1 Landing to Walker's 7 Shortest overnight available
Trip 2 Landing to Lovewell Pond 12 Very popular, pickups every hour on Sunday
Trip 3 Landing to Brownfield Bridge 16 Nice 2-day trip
Trip 4 Landing to Hiram 33 Good excursion for 3 days
Not all trips are available throughout the entire season. More whitewater trips are available through Northern Waters . Call or email Saco Bound for details or any questions.
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