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Old Town is the oldest canoe and kayak manufacturer in the country. They are known for Old Town kayak innovation, design and a quality product. Since the advent of the recreational kayak or rec kayak they have been the leader in this category. The Old Town kayaks ranging from about nine feet to over fifteen feet are user friendly and fun to paddle. Old Town kayak operates one of the largest production facilities in the United States. Kayaks are produced by the thousands and sold all over the world. The most popular Old Town kayak models are the Otter, Loon, Adventure, Dirigo and the Predator. A new segment has begun to immerge in the recreational kayak market. More and more individuals as well as families are taking to the water in kayaks then ever before.

Old Town kayak and accessories are known for quality. Most are made of a material that is a layered polyethylene sheet with a foam core. The name of the product is called Polly link or crosslink. It is very durable, fairy light and due to the foam core it is buoyant. They produce touring kayaks and tandem kayaks in addition to recreational kayaks. They are located in Old Town Maine and have a large distribution facility in Bangor, Maine. Their kayaks can be shipped anywhere and are available on our web site. Saco Bound is one of the largest retailers of Old Town products. Kayaks have been especially good sellers.

We offer theses kayaks at excellent sale prices. Sacobound buys in high volume and passes our savings along to our customers. Come and see the selection of kayaks in our showroom. We arry a huge selection of models and colors. If we do not have it in stock, which is rare we can get it and get it quickly. There is only one place to buy your next Old Town kayak and that is the home of the river experts for more than three decades, Saco Bound. We are ready to outfit you with a quality product at a fair price so you can hit the river with confidence.

A kayak is a great way to fish. It is easy for one person to maneuver and comfortable. This enables someone to fish efficiently for an Old Town kayak long time. The angler kayaks are set up with rod holders and anchor systems. There are also many places to stow fishing gear and tackle. Old Town has produced the best recreational kayaks by understanding what the customer really looks for. Features like adjustable foot pegs and seats that are padded. There are dry storage compartments that are easily accessible and convenient for storing gear and valuables. There smaller size also allows you to reach some of the more out of the way fishing holes so you have a better chance of catching the big one.

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