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Old Town Dirigo

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Old Town Dirigo

Old Town Dirigo

The Old Town Dirigo line of kayaks is one of the most comfortable and stable lines of kayaks available in the recreational kayaking segment. There are 3 different models of Dirigos. The Dirigo 106 is the shortest and lightest of the three models. It is a very light kayak at about 43 pounds and super stable. All three Dirigo kayaks come with 2 dry storage compartments. There is one large Old Town Dirigo compartment in the stern of the kayaks and a nice small dry storage compartment on the dashboard area.

This smaller one is perfect to keep keys, cell phones or other small important items that need to be accessible while paddling. The Dirigo 120 is the moderate in length and weight. Many people feel very comfortable in a 12-foot Old Town Dirigo kayak, as it's one of the most popular sizes for length and speed. The Old Town Dirigo 120 also has 2 dry storage hatches with plenty of room to store all kinds of paddling accessories. The Dirigo 140 is the flagship.

It is the fastest of the 3 and has the most capacity. The Old Town Dirigo 140 also has a removable child's seat. It is a perfect place for a little one. If you want to take the dog, simply take the seat out with 2 small screws. No one can beat a Saco Bound Sale on a Dirigo kayak from Old Town. Save big time on all kayaks. We sell new kayaks, used kayaks and demo kayaks and always at the bet price! You get an additional 15% of all paddling accessories with any new or used canoe or kayak purchase. We have all the beat accessories for paddle sports.

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