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A kayak is independence moving freely through water. It is an efficient personal water craft that can be nimble and feature excellent tracking. Sea kayaks or expedition kayaks are long and have plenty of dry storage capacity. The length and hull configuration allows theses boats to have tremendous speed. They carry kayaks momentum very well and can be loaded with plenty of gear. They are usually around 16 feet or longer. They cover distance efficiently and are great for tripping on the ocean or other large bodies of water.

Kayaks are a great way to see nature up close and personal. Take a river excursion of an hour, a day or go overnight. Today's kayaks are fun and easy. Buy or rent one today! Many kayaks models also have cup holders, deck bungies and many places to stow gear. Waterproof hatches are a nice feature for kayaks. By placing items in a sealed bulkhead they remain safe and dry. A recreational kayaker usually looks for features and value. In this segment people like the kayaks to be light and easy to handle on and off the water. Recreational kayaks are for most anyone, even those that have never paddled before. That is why this class of kayaks is so popular. Within a few minutes anyone can be paddling and having fun on the water. The rec kayaks are also affordable.

They are from about 9 feet to about 15 feet in total length. Features include padded comfortable, seats that are adjustale, cockpits that are wide open and easy to get in and out of. They are typically very short and nimble, designed to be at home in waves. A whitewater boat is good for mostly rivers from class II to class V. Kayaks however, only with proper safety precautions, and thorough scouting beforehand, as a swim under these circumstances could lead to serious injury or even death. A strong battle roll is essential under these circumstances.

Boats designed specifically for kayaks river running are usually slightly longer and of higher volume. Most whitewater kayaks are custom fit to the paddler, as this provides greater control, and ensures a tight fit when in circumstances such as being inverted. The fastest growing category by far is the recreational kayaking segment or rec kayaks which can include the Vapor, Cayuga, Tsunami, Dirigo, and Tarpon. Whitewater kayaks are on the other end of the spectrum. Over the past few years the whitewater kayak has become more specifically designed as a "playboat", as most whitewater kayakers enjoy playing on various river features such as standing waves and holes.

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