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Canoeing and kayaking is an exciting activity to add to anyone's life that is looking for adventure and a connection to nature. Seasoned outdoorsmen and beginners can get closer to the natural world through Saco Bound's extensive selection of canoes for sale and their accompanying equipment and accessories. They also provide free shipping on many of their products and if it isn't free, the shipping is always fair and reasonable and can be accommodated for commercial or residential shipment.

Saco Bound offers a wide selection of Old Town and Mad River canoes for sale. Both brands offer a range of utility for any level of experience. The Appalachian 16, made by Old Town can handle up to Class 3 Whitewater rapids. From another point of view, the Camper 16, made by Old Town is a canoe for the family. It is designed to accommodate all levels and ages of people who want to try and enjoy canoeing, allowing everyone to participate in an outing. For a more involved trip the Adventure 16, by Mad River, offers Ergonomic contoured seats with adjustable back rests, a drain plug and 8 cup holders. Mad River's outrage is sleek and agile allowing a competitive canoer to shave off time on their run and improve their speed in tight situations.

Old Town also offers beautiful works of art through their wooden canoes for sale. Wooden canoes set themselves apart from other canoes because of how they take on the backcountry in rougher terrain. The frames are strong and lightweight while still being rapid. There is also a different sense of pride in owning a wooden canoe because their integrity has been virtually unchanged since the turn of the century. Paddles are also available for sale in the showroom and online. Carlisle and Bending Branches provide lightweight paddles with curved or straight shafts. They also offer paddles for entry level or experienced canoers.

Accessories that would enhance any canoers trip are available as well. Saco Bound offers great products that one might have overlooked in the beginning, but because they offer a wide range of outdoor products someone could pick these products up while purchasing their canoe. Different types of replacement seats, knee pads, power paddles, and canoe parts are available. By working through a locally owned business that has been successful for 32 years running, makes searching for canoes for sale and their accompanying products much easier. Saco Bounds passion for water sports and their dedication to providing quality sales and service ensures that any outdoor trip will be enjoyed to the fullest.

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