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To find a product that carries a promise of quality craftsmanship and years of family passion and history to back it up is very rare. The guarantee that comes from someone taking pride in his or her craft such as Werner Paddles is very rare and is something to be respected. When people are doing something they love such as a hobby they want the best. They will spend the extra money and take the time to search out the better product to enhance their experience in anything they do.

When it comes to enjoying an outdoor experience there are many things to consider. Werner Paddles understand this. They set a goal to have their paddle designs to become known to all sport enthusiasts around the world and their passion is evident. They make creating paddles into a science. They have studied the movement of water around a paddle as it dips into the water and how it propels one forward to the best of its ability. Werner Paddles uses this extensive research and passion and promise of quality products and now because of it, they only produce the best of the best boating equipment.

Werner Paddles offer a variety of different paddles for multiple different modes of boating. They offer paddles for low angle kayakers or those that suffer from joint pain can find comfort in their "Little Dipper Carbon" paddle that puts less stress on their joints. Their paddles are lightweight and the blades cut through water with grace. There are options for recreational or whitewater kayaking or options for those that like to go fast or those that like to take it slow. There are even paddle options for children to use to enjoy the outdoors. Those that sell these paddles are honored with the reputation good enough to distribute them. Finding a shop that specializes in outdoor recreation can offer those the chance to get a firsthand look at the equipment they are buying. They can test it out, feel how it holds in their hands and how it would handle under the activities they pursue. Saco Bound is a great place to do this. It is locally owned and those that work there take pride in the outdoor activities they preach about. They understand the different elements that face boaters and can recommend tips and offer the best products for their customer's specific needs.

Werner Paddles and Saco Bound's great reputation can bring boating equipment with a rich history and a promise of quality craftsmanship into anyone's life. It is important to give yourself the best when it comes to something you love.

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