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Although it is impossible to walk on water, Saco Bound allows its customers to do the next best thing. They provide a selection of over 30 ocean kayaks alone in their showroom and online to allow any water lover to sit on top of water. Saco Bound is a reputable company that has been nestled in the Mount Washington Valley for 36 years and provides expert service and information about water and its accompanying activities.

Shoppers can choose from used and new Mad River, Perception, Wilderness Systems and Ocean Kayak to find a kayak that fits their individual needs. Each ocean kayak is designed to fit a range of multiple different needs that any outdoorsmen might have. "The Big Yak" kayak is designed to accommodate sizeable luggage and paddlers while still being sleek and set higher off of the water. "The Ride 135" sets itself apart with its pontoon style hull. This design innovation allows kayakers to glide through big waters with ease, but also allow divers and anglers the stability to get a good grip on their boat to enjoy other water activities. Perception makes the "15.0" equipped with a rudder. This design feature gives paddlers the ability to take on the ocean current with ease. Kayak sales are not limited to single seat boats; Tandem kayaks are available for sale as well. Some of the more popular brands include Cayuga, Vapor, Tsunami, Dirigo, and Tarpon.

A diverse selection of ocean kayaks are not the only things provided. Accessories to enhance the kayaking experience are also available in the showroom and on the online store making it easier to buy a kayak's accompanying products at the same place as the kayak. High quality products such as vehicle rack systems, life vests, cock-pit covers, rudder kits, water-removing pumps, and many other useful items are available to make a kayak trip more enjoyable. Outdoor apparel is another commodity offered at Saco Bound.

Buying an ocean kayak may not be the priority for an outdoor adventure. Saco Bound takes care of this by offering rentals and options for day or night kayak trips for singles or families. Buying a kayak or boating on the beautiful Saco River through a company that has been a front runner in outdoor activities since 1972 ensures that every single customer is guaranteed satisfaction. In fact every ocean kayak is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and if a boat isn't in stock, they will try their hardest to get it, making the ability to sit on top of water and paddle into a great outdoor adventure easier and more enjoyable than ever!

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