Bob Tagliaferri

September 19, 2018

Hey Outdoor Lovers,

The days are usually warm with cool nights, great for sandbar camping. There are no bugs and few other people compare to summer. Most attractions and lodging properties are on off season rates as well.

Some leaves are starting to change ever so slightly and there's a certain calmness that you feel when you're out on the river. The section of the Saco from our Main Base and continuing for the next 43 miles is some of the best paddling around. There are almost no rocks and few obstructions especially on our day trip sections. When the water gets low, it receded onto a channel that easy to navigate.

Also a tradition that comes with the end of the season is our annual Wave Sale. All new and used canoes and kayaks are priced to go! Come and check us out this fall!

Bob Tagliaferri
Bob T's Paddling Blog
Conway, New Hampshire
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